Problem with Counter variable and XML specification

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Johannes Thom
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Problem with Counter variable and XML specification

Post by Johannes Thom » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:50 am

Good morning,

i've a problem with my "Counter1" variable in my label file. My goal is to print labels with a number which should be incremented on each label. The information on the label comes from a xml file. The xml file is processed by the Triger of the Automation service. This works if i add a Counter1 variable, configure it (serialization properties) and print the content via textfield component. But how could i setup the property values with a xml file?

I've read the appropriate chapter in the nicelabel automation book and found this on page 75:

Code: Select all

But this doesn't work for me. All parameters are ignored and instead of the xml properties the automation manager uses the "hard coded" properties from the label file. Can you post an example for me? And by the way: What properties are allowed for the <IncrementType>. I actually didn't find those information in the handbook.

Johannes Thom

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Re: Problem with Counter variable and XML specification

Post by Kyleodonnell » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:18 pm


We recommend opening a support case the technicians will need your files (.misx, label, XML file)

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