How to create the ZPL code from a graphics image (bmp file)

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How to create the ZPL code from a graphics image (bmp file)

Post by jandee » Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:22 am

variable images is not supported for the redprairie export.

I have a requirement where we need to apply an image on the fly to the label based on the part number being printed.

I need to be able to read an image file and convert that to the required ZPL code and insert this into the printer out file prior to printing it.

Has anyone does this?, if so how would I go about converting the image to ZPL?

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Post by lpatty » Mon Dec 10, 2007 4:48 am

Variable graphics are not possible in the Printer Template Export in NiceLabel(RedPrairie is an export profile loaded in NiceLabel for Printer Template Export).

Mainly this is becasue many printer languages have no internal command to support variable graphic printing. NiceLabel does support variable graphics stored in the printer when using NiceLabel for printing, but using the Export files remoes NiceLabel from production.

The upside is that Printer Template Export yields a native printer language file that is tagged for use in production. since this file is a text file, you can edit the ZPL output in a text editor and add the command to do this. You will need to download a ZPL manual from the Zebra website and look for the ^XG command to recall a graphic stored in a memory location on the printer.

NOTE: this only works if the image is stored on the printer. If you have a requirement to send a graphic that is stored on a server with the ZPL file, you will need to talk to Zebra to ask them how to convert the image.

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