Automation Easy Database Lookup

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Automation Easy Database Lookup

Post by swhaworth » Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:47 am


I am wondering if it is possible to do a database (Excel, or CSV) lookup based on data coming in from a trigger? I am getting a barcode scan that contains the contents of a field which looks up a record containing the Label Template and other variables to fill in.

If this is not possible, there are some other possibilities for ascertaining the label template, so if I load the label template and set a variable to the barcode contents, can I use that variable to select the correct record in a template that is already connected to the database?

Hope that makes sense.


Dennis Ehmig
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Re: Automation Easy Database Lookup

Post by Dennis Ehmig » Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:24 am

Hi Steve,

with Automation Easy the only way to do a lookup for CSV or Excel would be with the help of scripting. This would include a few custom tailored scripts that might make you more trouble than you can think.

The second way you described is a much safer and easier way and can be done out of the box.
What you will have to do:
1) Get the content of the barcode and the label template you need into Automation.
2) In the label you can easily configure the database connection to CSV or Excel.
3) Create a variable for the barcode and use it as a filter in the database connection.
4) In Automation you will simply need to make sure the barcode variable contains the right information and then open the label and print.

Automation will populate the barcode variable in the label and the database will get filtered accordingly. This should give you the result you want.

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