Refresh Global Variable Value

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Refresh Global Variable Value

Post by branderson0515 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:03 pm

I have created a Form that sends data to a trigger which prints the label.

On the label being printed there is a global variable incremental counter that is used in the barcode.

I display the global variable incremental counter and a preview of the label being printed on the Solution form. When opening the application the form correctly displays the counter in a text display and label in the preview.

When I print a label the value of the incremental global variable does not update on text display or in the label in the preview. My theory is that when the application is opened the value of the global variable is stored and is never refreshed.

It would be helpful if there was way to configure the global variable to update on a timer or have the ability to read the current value of the global variable.

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