Label design with dynamic table

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Label design with dynamic table

Post by hubcaps » Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:35 pm

Feature request
Problem: We have a lot of SKU's with same packaging, requiring same dimension physical size label. All products are food supplements. All have identical information required for label design - SKU code, name, description, packaging information, nutritional information table (fixed number of rows). All of above stored in one database table, one label design with fields connected to database, all fine so far. The problem is with supplements content table (Vitamins A/B/C..., Iron, Zinc...). This information is stored in separate database table with structure: SKU code (to be used for one to many relation), supplement name, amount. Number of returned rows by query vary from one SKU to another. At this point I cannot figure out a way to create a fixed size label design, looking something like this:
[SKU] (fixed size, fixed font)
[Name] (fixed size, dynamic font size)
[Description] (fixed size, dynamic font size)
[Nutritional table] (fixed size, fixed font)
[Supplements contents table] (fixed table size, dynamic font size, dynamic number of rows a cell height to fill space)

At this moment there must be created over 1000 label designs and maintained (based on changes of number of rows) on regular basis.
Yet again - nicelabel is all about user friendly. And by user I mean somebody who does not have a clue what Vb-script even means ;)

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Re: Label design with dynamic table

Post by sdwarwick » Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:00 pm

we had a very similar problem. fundamentally, standard table-based access doesn't work in these circumstances.

we solved this problem with some rather extensive coding in the built-in iron-python scripting language.

One strategy is to have one of the text fields in your database hold a JSON or XML text representation of the data you want to manipulate in nicelabel. once the field is retrieved, you can use dotnet functions in ironpython to extract the data you are looking for.

in our case, we actually didn't use the standard database interface at all. upon a trigger from the user, we query a proprietary URL in python that returns an xml description of what needs to be printed, we then pull out all of the needed information for that particular label.

working in the nicelabel scripting environment is very, very painful but , in this case, proved to provide some needed flexibility for our application ( personalized nutrition/food packaging)

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