Automation file check

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Automation file check

Post by huijbrem » Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:56 pm

When using Automation and monitor a specific folder for new label files to be processed, it often occurs that Nicelabel processes a textfile while the file hasn't been transferred or write completely. It would be nice if Nicelabel offered a feature to check if a file is complete. This can be done by i.e.
  • monitoring changes in filesize
  • by adding a line like [close] on the end of a textfile which should be detected by Nicelabel
  • adding a configurable delay in seconds as part of the trigger configuration
It would be nice to see this functionality to become available in a future release of Nicelabel

Martijn Huijbreghs
Nicelabel 2017 LMS 17.1.1

NiceLabel Support
NiceLabel Support
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Re: Automation file check

Post by milos » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:05 am


"Open file exclusively" is NiceLabel Automation functionality that prevents to access file from two application same time.
Extract from user manual: Opens the trigger file in exclusive mode. No other application can access the file at the same time. This is the default selection option.
"File open retry period" is another very useful functionality.
Extract from user manual:Specifies the time period after which NiceLabel Automation tries to open the trigger file. If the file access is still not possible after this time period, NiceLabel Automation reports an error.
Milos Jenko
NiceLabel Technical Support

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