support for interpreting embedded variables from external sources

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support for interpreting embedded variables from external sources

Post by sdwarwick » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:59 pm

the RTF text field has a very powerful capability of converting references to variables into their values on the fly. If you want the variable "pagenumber" to be included in the RTF field, the text [pagenumber] is placed in the RTF code and nicelabel will do the substitution as it is being printed.

other sources - including text files and SVG images would also be great candidates to support this variable substitution capability.

for example, we create SVGs using other programs and there are many external programs that have the ability to edit the source ( such as inkscape )

note that SVG is a standard text file. Having the ability to embed the sequence "[variable]" in such a file and having nicelabel do the substitution on the fly would make many interesting new capabilities available.

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