NiceLabel 5.2.1 build 2514

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NiceLabel 5.2.1 build 2514

Post by Saso » Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:17 am

The NiceLabel Standard Series, Enterprise Series and Developer Series have been updated to version 5.2.1. The refreshed print engine that sits at the core of all three series, as well as the thermal printer drivers, have been optimized to communicate more efficiently and to better adapt to various hardware environments. Initial testing show incredible speed of printing test results - up to 30% increase mark in some environments.

NiceLabel product range has also been expanded by the addition of the Turkish and Brazilian Portuguese language support, reaching out to the current and future users in these rapidly evolving markets.

Download the new version here.

See the description of the major improvements in the: For a quick list of important changes, see the list below.

  • Performance update: new NiceLabel (5.2.1) together with new NiceDrivers (4.6.00) is up to 30% faster on comparable hardware
  • New languages: Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish
  • Added cliparts for recycling, RFID Emblem and GHS symbols
  • Customizable Enterprise Print Manager installer for installation to SQL server in a cluster

NiceLabel Pro
  • Global variables are preserved when you upgrade NiceLabel software
  • QR bar code update: can enter Chinese characters
  • Curved text can print even if the bounding box is bigger than a label
  • Inverse objects are seen in label preview even if their status is set to non-printable
  • The date offset is doubled at print time: when you create a label variable with a date and specify an offset, it will be used twice
  • In some circumstances NiceLabel stopped responding when enabling ‘Best fit’ option for the RTF object
  • Embedded image is not displayed in NiceForm, if the original image was missing from disk
  • Check box’s state did not update automatically, if some other form object changed the check box’s variable value
  • If combo box or list box objects display the values from a database that filters records, they did not refresh the data from database.
  • The table view did not show refreshed data coming from Excel spreadsheets.
  • The action ‘Open some other form’ together with ‘previous form’ did not work when started from onTimer event in form properties.
  • The validation of data in NiceForm caused the infinite loop
  • Sort order for values inside the List box object did not work.
  • The action ‘Close Label’ did not work in NiceWatch. The label still remained open in the print engine.
  • If NiceWatch was activated from the EPM (NiceLabel Print Center edition) with off-line mode enabled and the server became inaccessible, NiceWatch switched to demo mode instead of using its own off-line license.
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