NiceLabel 5.2.2 build 2865

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NiceLabel 5.2.2 build 2865

Post by Saso » Thu Feb 04, 2010 9:56 am

NiceLabel Standard Series and Developer Series have been refreshed. The new software release mainly focuses on the support for new languages and provides solution to some identified problems. The latest version is 5.2.2 build 2865.

Download the new version here.

You do not have to upgrade, if you are not exposed to any of the fixed problems.

Main changes in the new release:
  • Support for Italian language in all applications
  • Japanese Help for applications from NiceLabel Pro/Suite editions
  • Better handling of Unicode characters within Text Box object
  • Fix for NiceCommand PRINTER, which printed one sheet of nonsense characters whenever you switched printing to HP laser printer
  • Fix for the action For every selected record… in NiceForm that occasionally lost connection with the associated table.
  • Fix for the action Open another form, which did not run when it was used within the On exit event.
  • Fix for TCP/IP trigger in NiceWatch that used all CPU resources, if execution event Sequence of characters was used and the client disconnected before all data was processed.
  • Fix for the function HIBC 2.3: the date format “+YYJJJ” is no longer selectable.
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