NiceLabel 5.2.3 build 4024

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NiceLabel 5.2.3 build 4024

Post by Saso » Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:41 am

NiceLabel products in the Standard Series has been refreshed. The latest version is 5.2.3 build 4024.

Download the new version here.

If you already use NiceLabel 5.X, you can download the free upgrade.
See the description of the major improvements in the Standard Series release notes.

For a quick list of important changes, see the list below:
  • NiceLabel Suite is a design client for the new product NiceLabel Portal, for printing labels from your own custom NiceForm-made applications running on the Web.
  • NiceLabel Pro: Custom font selection dialog box in NiceLabel Pro to show printer internal fonts. Latest Windows operating systems do not show printer fonts in default font selection dialog box, so we created our own.
  • NiceForm - updated action: Open document/program. You can hide the command prompt window and NiceForm can delay execution other actions until the result from the program is returned.
  • NiceForm - new action: Execute SQL Statement. You can execute SQL commands like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE and take communication with the SQL database into your hands.
  • NiceForm: You can define OnClick actions for some form objects such as image, text and label preview. You no longer have to use the Button object to execute actions on the form, the users can simply click the object.
  • NiceForm: Support for Python programming. Visual Basic scripting is still available to enhance the possibilities of your form applications, now you can also use Python.
  • NiceLabel Pro: Update of the ASC (FACT) data-encoding standard to support new Data Identifiers such as 1F, 2F, 3F, 11L, 12L, 13L, 15L, 25H and 55B.
  • NiceForm: Password field in NiceForm, so you can enter characters hidden with the asterisk so nobody can see you type.
  • NiceForm: updated actions for For every selected record in a table and For every record in a table.
  • NiceLabel Pro: Fix for printing extremely large graphical objects (image size larger than 2 MB).
  • Numerous other fixes and updates.
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