New phpBB3 forums

This forum is for questions regarding the forums and for all your non-NiceLabel ideas. Well... maybe not all of them ;-)

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New phpBB3 forums

Post by adamscottmartin » Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:51 pm

Just wanted to say the newly upgraded forum is looking good =D>

One thing I noticed was that I think my post count is lower than it was before. Not a big deal, I don't care about my post count, just thought you should know in case other things are missing/incorrect from the upgrade.

Keep up the good work, love the product and the support here is second to none!

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Re: New phpBB3 forums

Post by Saso » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:01 am

Thanks! :D
It was already time to take a step to the newest version.

Some benefits of the new version:
  • Support for attachments and images
  • Support for UTF-8 encoding (all languages)
  • More professional look
  • Easier maintenance
Migration to phpBB3 was a clean upgrade. All existing topics and posts are imported. All users accounts are preserved.

Some known issues surfaced during the upgrade:
  • If you used a password with 'special' characters on the old forums, it was probably not converted correctly. In this case just let the new forums send you a new password. Click the link I forgot my password in the login screen.
  • Verify if the time zone defined in your user profile is correct.
  • Verify if the forum language preference is remembered.
About your post count. You already are almost at the top of the list. There is just one more rank above your Veteran level. :wink:
Saso Fleiser
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