CAB emulation with Automation

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CAB emulation with Automation

Postby iCD_AS » Wed May 31, 2017 10:24 am

I need to emulate a CAB printer printout for a custumor with just a print stream file, no nlbl-file.
I have a file generated by "print to file" with CAB printer data (from custumor). Automation can send this
data to a real printer. In my case I don't have a real printer, but would like to create a
pdf-file from the printer data. Is that possible?
NiceLabel does this in the background when using nlbl labels, too. It creates a temporary print-data file from a nlbl-file and data and sends it to the printer or redirects it to pdf (automation >= pro).
I tried to created a send data to printer action and a redirect to PDF action, but no PDF file is generated.

Any ideas?

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