CAB emulation with Automation

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CAB emulation with Automation

Post by iCD_AS » Wed May 31, 2017 10:24 am

I need to emulate a CAB printer printout for a custumor with just a print stream file, no nlbl-file.
I have a file generated by "print to file" with CAB printer data (from custumor). Automation can send this
data to a real printer. In my case I don't have a real printer, but would like to create a
pdf-file from the printer data. Is that possible?
NiceLabel does this in the background when using nlbl labels, too. It creates a temporary print-data file from a nlbl-file and data and sends it to the printer or redirects it to pdf (automation >= pro).
I tried to created a send data to printer action and a redirect to PDF action, but no PDF file is generated.

Any ideas?


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Re: CAB emulation with Automation

Post by Saso » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:40 pm

No, that cannot be done with NiceLabel software. It cannot be used to "reverse engineer" print files into graphical previews. Not that we do not have it supported to some extent for internal testing purposes, but it's nothing official. ;-)

Once you have a print file, you can only send it further to the printer using the action "Send Data to Printer". This action just uses the selected printer driver in print-through mode, we just need the driver to know where the printer is connected to (to know to which port to send the data).

To create PDF, NiceLabel internally uses some DLL that converts label file into PDF. We do not "print to file" and convert that into PDF, it's more direct.

Perhaps people at CAB have such utility?
Saso Fleiser
Senior Technical Product Specialist

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