Linking Databases in Designer 2019

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Linking Databases in Designer 2019

Post by 1dwinter » Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:31 pm


I have setup 2 databases with item data. One is a SQL table and the other is from an excel sheet.

The SQL table contains "Item_no", "Description" & "Qty", The Excel table contains the "Item_no" & "Barcode".
Is there a way that i can link the databases together via the "Item_no"?

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Re: Linking Databases in Designer 2019

Post by dado » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:12 am

Yes it is possible.

You need to open the Data Menu / Dynamic Data Manager
Now select your SQL Table in the left part of the dialog
On the right side select Filter and Enable it.
Select which field you want (Item_no in your case)
And select the compare sign =
And on the right side select the Excel field called Item_no
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I have a sample for you. But first you'll need to create on your local SQL Express server (if you have one) a database called TEST and in that database a table called Test1.

Code: Select all

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Test1](
	[Item_no] [int] NULL,
	[Description] [nchar](50) NULL,
	[Qty] [int] NULL
Then just download the NiceLabel solution and the .xlsx file and place then in the c:\tmp\ folder
Open the sample and you'll see that the connection between excel and sql on the field Item_no works.
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Regards, Damjan

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