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NiceLabel Newbie - Variable filtering?

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:44 am
by sekisuijake
Hi Everyone,

Firstly I am no way trained in advance uses of NiceLabel yet but I have a project I am working creating various templates using variables direct from XML files? (Please accept my apologies if I am sounding stupid here.)

I have various sets of variables that I am importing but I want to be able to filter these so I can re-use the layout again.

For example;

Import a set of variables to create Template 001 > Copy layout to a new file to create Template 002 but variables not to follow when copying rich text boxes etc .

Again I am very new to this software so this may be a stupid question.

Thanks in advance! :-k

Re: NiceLabel Newbie - Variable filtering?

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:38 pm
by Saso
I think I understand your situation. You have several different labels with the same data sources (names of variables). The data for printing is provided with XML files. Values of XML elements must be transferred to variables on the label and label printed out.

Once you have the first label design done and all variables created, you have two possibilities to create new labels with the same variables:
  1. Make a copy of label file. Copy label1.nlbl to label2.nlbl. Then redesign the label copy as necessary.
  2. Export the variables to .NLVR file, then import them into a new label. You can export variables in Dynamic Data Manager.
You are right, copy/paste of the object that is linked with some variable will not transfer the variable as well, but just type of the object.

To read the data from XML files and apply values to labels, you will have to use the integration module NiceLabel Automation.
You will have to do the following:
  1. In NiceLabel Designer, create label template.
  2. In Automation Builder, create new trigger type that will match the method of your XMl data delivery (e.g. file drop).
  3. In Automation Builder, create and configure XML filter.
  4. In Automation Builder, create a list of actions to execute, whenever the XML data is received. Typically, you would have the actions Use Data Filter (to read data from XMl and apply values to mapped variables), Open Label (to open the label for printing), Set Printer (to redirect printing to specific printer), Print Label (to execute print process).
To learn more about NiceLabel Automation and XML files, see the following two examples that install with NiceLabel Automation:
  • c:\Users\Public\Documents\NiceLabel 2017\Automation\Samples\XML Assignment Area
  • c:\Users\Public\Documents\NiceLabel 2017\Automation\Samples\Oracle XML