Migrating label from NL6 to NL2017

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Migrating label from NL6 to NL2017

Post by apsaferreira » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:48 pm

I have tried to migrate a lbl file to the new NL2017 version using the NL2017 Converter avaiable on your download utilities. The graphics got coverted preety well, but concerning VB Script used in the label, unfortunately, I didn't have the same result. When trying to print the label a message is shown informing that an error occured when trying to execute the script: Necessary object 'label'. I am attaching both files original lbl and the converted one in order to get some help on how to solve this issue.

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Re: Migrating label from NL6 to NL2017

Post by Saso » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:46 pm

NiceLabel 2017 or NiceLabel 2019 do not support each and every feature available in V6. We have compiled a list of differences between versions.
For NiceLabel 2017 compared to V6 see this KB article.

The NiceLabel API is no longer exposed inside VBScript in NiceLabel 2017. You cannot access label objects via API.

"Non-supported "label" API object in scripting. This part of the ActiveX API was previously also accessible from the label itself. This object was frequently used to set the conditional visibility of objects and to set the values of other label variables. NiceLabel 2017 allows direct defining of conditional visibility separately for each object in the design area. To set the label values of other variables, PowerForms application can easily be created for such task."

I see your code assigns values to various variables. VBScript in V6 could be tweaked to assign values to other label variables (not the VBScript-ouput variable Result). This does not work any more in NiceLabel 2017. However, you can create a PowerForms application. When the VBScript runs in the PowerForms application, YOU CAN assign values to other variables from VBScript...
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