Runtime error in setup script

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Runtime error in setup script

Post by PSteve » Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:38 pm

I am attempting to reinstall Nicelabel Powerforms and Pro 6 on a Windows XP computer. It had been working seamlessly until the computer was temporarily removed from the server and the program was giving a licensing error afterward. I've attempted to repair as well as uninstall, reinstall a number of times but I've been unsuccessful in getting the program to work properly.

At the end of the install I get the following message:
Runtime error in setup script:
Source file: NSuite5ML
Line Number: 3969
Failed to set data for 'VersionMajor'

Nicelabel Pro still seems to work despite this, however, when attempting to form print, I get Error ID: 150002, Required system component is not accessible. Check the permission for "EuroPlus Shared" folder with shared components or reinstall program from original disk.

I've also attempted reviewing the share permissions of the above folder, and they all are set up for shared, and I've gone through and deleted all items from the registry before reinstalling but I still appear to be experiencing this problem.

Also, at the moment the labels in question are not running through a database but are standalone labels.

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Re: Runtime error in setup script

Post by jure » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:59 pm


It is strange that you are getting errors from NSuite5ML, since you are installing NiceLabel v6. At this point I would kindly ask you to contact us directly, with your serial number of NiceLabel, and perhaps screenshots of the problem. After that we will investigate further.
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