NL Designer 3 Printer Managing Printers

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NL Designer 3 Printer Managing Printers

Post by DeanFrancis » Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:50 pm

A couple questions:
1. How does one lock down the choose Printer drop down List to a single printer on a print form?
2. How do you manage your list of printers. The default printer on my design computer is there, and I keep getting "You have exceeded the maximum number of printers" warning, even though I have never used that printer. In other words, how do I remove it from the list, or do I just have to wait 7 days until it falls off on its own? The User guide says there is supposed to be a remove option, but I don't see one.

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Re: NL Designer 3 Printer Managing Printers

Post by Saso » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:27 pm

Hi DeanFrancis,

1. If you run NiceLabel in "PowerForms" mode, you can configure the printer drop down box to show whatever printers you want. By default, all printers in the current system are displayed (if you print labels from another computer, you will see drivers from that computer).
You would just edit the combo box properties.
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2. Different printer drivers that you use for printing are remembered for 7 days. After 7 days of inactivity, the drivers are automatically removed from the list. There was an option for the user to remove the printers from the list initially (I do not think that option even made it to the final build). Instead, we introduced the 30-day grace period, in which we double the number of printers you can use. This should be plenty of time to resolve problems.

For more detailed information about licensing and printer count see the document NiceLabel 2017 Licensing.

Also make sure to upgrade to the latest available version (2017.1 currently). There were some licensing problems in previous builds.
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