[Designer Pro] Text Not Updated After Filter Changed

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[Designer Pro] Text Not Updated After Filter Changed

Post by benz » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:01 pm

Hi, we are evaluating NiceLabel under tentative schedule, so far it seems one of the best solution to meet all our needs, but there is one problem that our label controllers doesn't like. The design area content are not updated at design time after filter value is changed. The new content can only be seen in print preview page. which is pretty inconvinent. (Actually the behaviour is inconsistent, see blew)

Our setup as suggested by local vendor:
NiceLabel 2017 Automation on Server +
MS SQL2012 (this is part of a bigger project) holding
- the [label database] table
- and [printer job] table
Label controllers use NT/LDAP authentication logon MSSQL2012,
we have 4 LDAP domain users of the same 'label_controller' role which can access label_db.
Table retrival works consistantly fine on all four NL2017 Design Pro installation.
The label designer is supposed to
- add label_db to each new label,
- set variable " label_db.uid = print_uid " in [table configuration > filter] when adding label_db.
- change print_uid to different ids after the design is finished to verify their design is compatible with all product label record using the same template and label paper, no content overlap, cutoff etc.
We have hundreds of Zebra labels ATM, becoming quite hard to manage.

By unifying them into dozens of basic label templates based on paper size and art work on the label paper. the power to preview all product label content on the same label template at design time is vital for users to verify and correct their design .

Currently we have 4 workstations installed NL2017 Designer Pro(trial), their behavior is different
on 1 station, changing print_uid can update the text content on in the design area.
But it seems to have some bug. it seems that when the binded database field in current record is empty, it shows the value from the first record, instead of empty text of current record.
on the other 3 stations, changing print_uid has no effect, content in design area is always the same as the fields of the first record in label_db.

Is there any way to make the content in design area update as fitler variable 'print_uid' changes ?

Help is appriciated, thanks in advance.


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Re: [Designer Pro] Text Not Updated After Filter Changed

Post by benz » Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:58 am

New user here, after days of evaluation by the label design team, we realized, the content update in design area doesn't matter at all:

1. Set the provisoonal content to proper extreme case content, disable [auto-generate],
b/c you always want your design can work for all the product using that label template.
The benifit is that all extreme case values can appear at the same time during design.

2. When you want to review all product labels this template will generate, choose a A4
or A3 paper PDF/XPS printer, do a multi label per page print to XPS/PDF file
review all the labels in the pdf page. much cleaner than viewing them in design area
overlayed by all those bounding boxes, surrounded by all the panels.

Nice product after all.


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