Create a readable PRN File?

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Create a readable PRN File?

Post by Bhagya_Mad » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:42 am


I created a .prn file using the Nice Label Software.
I used the "Arial" Font. I opened it in Notepad and it was unreadable.

Then i used "SATO S" font and did the same thing. It was readable(All my content was readable).
I managed to change the content before sending it to the printer.

However i need to do this when i am using the "Arial" font.

Is this possible???


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Re: Create a readable PRN File?

Post by Saso » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:37 pm

Yes, this is possible.

You have to download the truetype font into printer's memory so it can be recalled/used at print time. Once the font is downloaded, it can be used as "internal printer fonts" (the one built-into printer).

FYI, newer models of SATO printers (e.g. "NX" models) include many internal fonts, some of them look like Arial. You might not need to download fonts with these newer models...

In NiceLabel V6, you have to use the NiceMemMaster application to download the font.
In NiceLabel 2017, the download functionality has been moved into the printer driver. Make sure you have the printer driver in version 7.

In any case, once the font is downloaded and the same printer driver selected in the label designer, you will see the downloaded font available in the font list. It will be marked as "printer font".
Saso Fleiser
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