Label existing out of multiple parts

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Label existing out of multiple parts

Post by GeertVG » Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:50 pm


One of the labels we print regularly exists out 2 parts:
- there's 1 small label (90x70)
- and 1 large labels (170 x 70)

Both are on the same "label roll" and there are "open spaces" between the large label & the small label, ...
My label design includes both labels in 1 lbl file.

Whenever I update a label design or make a new design for this label roll I run into problems with my dimensions. It seems to be impossible to set it correctly: I need it to be 90 x 260 but it will always jump to 90X 70 or 90 x 170, the dimensions of only 1 of the labels. #-o

I've tried various ways to define my label size (create stock, create from scratch, ...) but as soon as I print one out to the label printer the dimensions get overrulled.

Please help in avoiding/fixing this annoying problem.


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Re: Label existing out of multiple parts

Post by jurk » Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:27 am


What kind of units are you using on the label (double click on label to get to label setup dialog and see the unit button on the right in Dimensions tab)?

Is it possible that you label is 90x70 millimeters but the units in NiceLabel are set to centimeters or even inches?

If not, please attach the lablel file that is causing problems together with a link to printer driver installation so I can try to repeat the problem here. 8)
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