repeated database field on a label with different text

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repeated database field on a label with different text

Post by schwendo » Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:56 pm

Good morning

I am trying to print a label with text from the same database field printed twice. I want one to have two lines and one to have a single line.I want one to have 13 spaces and one to have 7 in each of two lines. I am finding that changes made to one text properties is reflected in the other. I have tried a function but it seems to think its the same text. I can make one curved text with out affecting the other.

thanks for your help :D


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Re: repeated database field on a label with different text

Post by Rsas » Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:52 am


You must distinguish between Object properties and Variable properties (you can find both options if you right click on the text object).
However all changes you mentioned should be set on Variable properties. Because the same variable is connected to two text objects, changes made on the Variable properties reflect on both text objects.

As a workaround you can create a simple Concatenate function. This way you create additional variable with the same source.

- Let’s say that your first variable name is “Var1” (one line, 13 spaces)
- Data/Function/New
- Select Concatenate and go to Detailed tab:
- As Input variable select your variable “Var1”
- As Output variable define variable “Var2” (by default the function output variable name is “Concatenate” but you can change it).
- Select “Define button” and setup output variable properties as you wish (two lines, 7 spaces each line).
- Now go back to the label design. Connect another text object with variable "Var2".

Now you have two text objects, each of them is connected to different variable (Var1 and Var2). With the right click/Variable properties you can change variable properties as you wish for each text (variable) separately.

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