Decreasing counter with 0 padding

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Decreasing counter with 0 padding

Post by stankon » Tue Mar 03, 2020 5:08 pm


I'm trying to use a counter for the serial number of the product, and I used the built in 0 padding by filling in zeros with the starting number (for ex. 000001 instead of 1). While using the increasing counter, there is no problem for me. The only disadvantage is that the labels, when rolled up automatically after printing (with a rolling machine), will start from the last label, and thus, the last serial number.

I see two ways to counter this (no pun intended) : using a double rolling machine, which is not the most cost-effective way, or using a decreasing counter. However, I have problems with the 0 padding while using the decreasing counter ](*,) . Please see below the description of my problem :

Serial number : ABC20200303-XXXXX
(XXXXX being my counter)

In incremental mode, I would have ABC20200303-00001 till ABC20200303-23456, if I am printing 23456 labels. Like I mentioned before, I put "0" in front of the starting value for the counter.

In decremental mode, however, I have put the starting value as "QtyMask2", which is a variable for the quantity that I am going to print. I always add around 2%, rounded to the nearest integer. It works well without 0 padding, my first S/N is ABC20200303-20400 (my quantity + 2%) and my last printed label bears the S/N ABC20200303-1.

So, if I put "0" in front of [QtyMask2], which could be 20, just as it could be 20000, wouldn't I have 000020400 for my first label, for example ? How do I make sure that my first label bears the S/N ABC20200303-20400 and my last label ABC20200303-00001 ?

Thanks for your help ! :wink:

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