Format weight from scale for GS1-128

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Format weight from scale for GS1-128

Post by bullviech » Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:41 pm

Hi guys!

I'm trying to format the weight i get from my scale correctly for GS1-128. I made it already that the result is a weight like "1,234". But GS1-128 requires 6 digit weight without comma or point. So in this case it should be: 001234.

I managed output of the variable if the weight has 3 digits. but if i set the weight manually to 1 it does not work because it does not add ,000.

i used this script:

Code: Select all

var1=[Gewicht für EAN]


Do While (Len(var1) < 6)
var1 = "0" + var1

Result = var1
How can i format the value correctly?

Thank you!
Best regards


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