Net weight error in printing

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Net weight error in printing

Post by jennyholmenWSI » Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:45 am

when trying to print a new template in the solution part i'm getting this error.
I have already went thru the design part and change the variable to be a data type to text and still get this error.
Please help.
GLC Pallet Tag 4 x 6 Template.nlbl
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Re: Net weight error in printing

Post by Mytch » Tue Feb 16, 2021 3:56 pm


Where does Label_NetWeight variable get its value when running the Solution? Your label is fine but the variable does have length limit of 6 defined, so "2,000.00" is definitely not valid. I assume you don't want to increase the limit to 8 and need to just have a value of "2000" instead? Some other variable or database field (especially common with Excel) must have numeric output formatting on and then passed into the Label_NetWeight variable indirectly.

You can either find the source of the formatting problem and ensure it is Text output or you can "clean" your Label_NetWeight variable with String Manipulation action, subset function, scripting, etc. If you have access to this Solution in NiceLabel Designer, you can run the Form and then use Form Debugger with CTRL + SHIFT + F12 keyboard shortcut. This allows you to see action execution, variable and database field values, manual step-by-step execution, and other options.


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