Printing different QR vouchers on A4

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Printing different QR vouchers on A4

Post by haxmed » Thu Mar 25, 2021 2:39 pm


Since I'm new to this, my question is probably a bit dumb. If there is a tutorial (multiple tutorials maybe) on how to do this, someone please post them, I would be very thankful.

Here is what I need:

I have a software that generates vouchers for my business, that vouchers come out as a .csv file (simple 16 letter words, for QR code), all in one column in that csv (nothing else in the .csv). What I need, is to take all those values, create different QR codes based on the values, and print the QR codes on different A4 pages.

I planned on printing the A4 papers before, with a blank space ready for the barcode that I would print additionally.

If there is a tutorial for this, or maybe I'm asking for something that has been asked many times before, please let me know where I could find an answer to this question.

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Re: Printing different QR vouchers on A4

Post by Saso » Wed May 05, 2021 6:42 pm

Hi haxmed,

What you need is a tutorial how to connect your CSV to a label and use the data with QR code.

Start here (this is for Excel, but connecting to CSV works in a similar way): ... t-database

Basically, do the following:
  1. Create a label template with x × y number of labels (as needed by your page size).
  2. Connect to your CSV file.
    When you will make a connection to a CSV, the single field (column) you have within will be available as a "data source" in a label template.
  3. Create a QR code.
  4. Use the CSV data source as input for your QR.
  5. Preview/Print. Each record (line) from CSV will be used in subsequent label.
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