Excel Database question for labelling software

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Excel Database question for labelling software

Post by Spikenaylor » Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:12 pm


I wish to use zebra designer pro or nicelabel to read from excel database.

I have four groups of labels, group1, group2, group3, group4

They will all have the same data being printed for each of these groups.

I wish the end user to be able to within the label screen to be able to choose one of the groups and then print say 20 of that group.

Excel can do it with a dropdown list for the groups, but how can I transfer this function over to the label. ie the field on the label shows a dropdown list pulled from excel database dropdown list.

I cant see a dropdown list field option in Zebra designer pro, does Nicelabel have this function?


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Re: Excel Database question for labelling software

Post by Saso » Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:31 am

You cannot display values from Excel in a drop down list on the label.
But you can do it with the PowerForms Desktop product.

Included is the application NiceForm that you can use to create / generate the front-end applications for label printing.

I suggest that you download a trial of NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop and see it for yourself.
To get an idea what you can do with NiceForm, see the sample form applications. Start with this one:
c:\Program Files (x86)\EuroPlus\NiceLabel 6\Samples\Forms\Menu form.xff

You can also run NiceForm applications in the Web.
For a quick demo see this: http://www.nicelabel.com/gs1/print-gs1
You must have Silverlight plugin installed in your browser.
You can find other online demos in the Solutions tab on NiceLabel web page.
Saso Fleiser
Senior Technical Product Specialist

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