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Waiting for an external program to finish.

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 5:47 pm
by guy
I have been trying to use the 'Open document/program' action in NiceForm to run an external program to retrive some data. The program runs fine when I click the button. The problem is that NiceForm continues with the next action without waiting for the external program to finish. Is there a way to change this so it waits for the program to exit and all the data is ready? I am using 5.1.


Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:25 pm
by lpatty
The problem is that NiceForm and your other application are not integrated, so Niceform has no feedback to tell it when to continue.

If there is a programmer's interface in your application, you may be able to write a VB script that is executed after your "Open..." Action that allows the script to be notified when an operation is complete on the other program. Otherwise, maybe a simple VB script that pops up a message box that forces the user to manually validate the other process is finished before moving to the next action in the button.