"Mapping" the labels

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"Mapping" the labels

Post by mainstreet » Fri Oct 03, 2014 9:20 pm

Got dragged into a new nicelabel/print and apply project at work and had some questions about connecting the information from the database we built in NiceLabel automation onto the labels themselves. I currently have the automation set up to get specific information from our database, such as product ID and expiration date, and was curious about how to get that information to show up on the actual label. Was watching the tutorial videos and it seems I should be able to set up certain fields or areas on the label and map them to the correct information from the DB in a simple manner. We already created most of the labels and have the printer applying them to boxes so it would be cool if I could go through and designate certain text fields as specific areas in order to map them to the information on the database without having to redo all the labels. Anybody know how to do this or can direct me to the information in order to figure this out.

Dennis Ehmig
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Re: "Mapping" the labels

Post by Dennis Ehmig » Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:30 am

You can define variables in the Designer as well as Automation.
If a variable has the same name in both and Automation is used to print a label, the contents set in Automation will be "transferred" to the label and printed.

I'm not sure what you have set up right now, but the general course of action would look something like this:

The first step would therefore be to define the variables for the variable information you have on your label. You can create them in the menu Data > Variables. After you created the ones you need, place them on the label and design them as is needed.

The next step is to get those variables into the according trigger in Automation. You can simply use the import wizard for this, it will automatically create all the variables you need based on a .lbl file.

The last step is the mapping: In your actions you need to connect the information you get from your database to the variables in Automation. I assume you are using a database trigger (?) so the first step in the action list will be predefined and you will have to map the variables there.

Hope this gives you a general direction, but without knowing details I can't do much more.

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