Printer command fonts

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Printer command fonts

Post by miro » Wed Dec 20, 2006 2:08 pm

Problem is following:
i have an label in an TPCL (TOSHIBA TEC) language.
I have defined NICELABELCOMM command font in driver .
In wordpadd for TPCL code i have chose NICELABELCOMM as font and printing was succesfull. (everything was printed as command not as text)

Now i want to the similiar with the same TPCL code in HTML page.
It means i have an HTML page with

div style="font-family:NICELABELCOMM;"
TPCL code
print doesn't work(printed from IE6.0) and it prints always code as text
should i set some special setting for prefix etc..... in command font or
it simply not possible print HMTL as TPCL from IE6.0 ?
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Re: Printer command fonts

Post by » Wed Feb 17, 2021 12:18 am


I am developing an Android APP and a have to print via Bluetooth to a Toshiba B-EP4 DL,

I can print via ESC/POS but can't in TPCL.

I know I have to send TPCL commands to the printer's socket, but I must be doing something wrong.

Would you help me please, here is part of the code:

void sendData() throws IOException {
try {
// the text typed by the user
String msg = myTextbox.getText().toString();
msg += "\n";

//Printer commands from Toshiba B-EP Series' manual
String cmdmsg = "{D0520,0475,0500|}" + //label size
"{C|}" + //format inicialization
"{PV00;0029,0085,0023,0042,B,00,B=TPCL Mode Test|}" + //text position, and font format. After B= the message
"{XS;I,0001,0000C6000|}"; //print format, ribbon parameter and sensors.


// tell the user data were sent
myLabel.setText("Data sent.");

} catch (Exception e) {

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