Printer drivers priority

Issues related to using NiceDrivers thermal printer drivers

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Printer drivers priority

Post by MaxvGerwen » Wed May 12, 2021 3:51 pm


From my understanding there are 4 places the define printer settings.

1. Label
2. Printer drivers
4. Printer

We have some issues regarding the functionality and priority of these settings.

For example, we define our dimensions including backing paper on the label. however within the printer driver properties there is a different unprintable area. The final print will take this area as unprintable opposed to only the dimensions mentioned on the label.

Similarly, when we define to use the cutter within the drivers & Devmode & Printer but not on the label. The cutter will not cut.

Is there any source available with further information regarding the final selection for settings?
Thanks in advance,

Max van Gerwne

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