CAB cutter on or off - controlled from driver

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CAB cutter on or off - controlled from driver

Post by silverdancer » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:06 pm

Hello together,

we have some problems that we want to solve with nicelabel at the moment
We are using nicelabel 6 pro and created a label that will be filled with data directly from SAP.

At this time we had only the requirment that all thermal printers CAB A4.3 with nicelabel driver, has to cut after every label --> this works fine.

Now we got some new working areas and for that, the requirment is that the user want to tear off the label without cutting. Ok, we checked the label, and turned on the feature that all settings are made at the driver and not at the label directly. In my opinion I thought the settings that are made on the printserver for one of the specified printer will be taken, but it takes the setting from the last printer that was configured when you store the label, so it is not possible to make a special configuration for every printer, example printer 1 has a cutter an printer 2 has no cutter and both printers use the same label.

Is there any possibility to change that?

Thank you very much for every helping word.

Best regards,

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