updating driver goes wrong.....T_T

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updating driver goes wrong.....T_T

Post by goldenboy » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:15 am

i am using old nicelabel app nice 3.6 in windows 8.1
here's the story
my printer tsc 344m is not printing right some characters were lost
so the barcode printer technician told me to just install the updated driver
then i downloaded version 7.3.01
then i tried to print..
there nothing came out it prints blank...
the worst thing is it update's all my printer driver in such that all of them prints nothing
and even the shared printer driver also got updated.
and it also prints nothing.
and the owner of that shared printer also got updated.
there is 4 pcs and each pc's got 3 barcode printer installed in it
and now all of them got updated now all of us can't print right..

what i did...
i tried to reinstall old driver..
but every time i restarted it update's to new version of driver ...

what should i do?

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Re: updating driver goes wrong.....T_T

Post by Matt » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:03 pm

Trying removed any/all TSC printers from the "Devices and Printers" area of your Windows PC. Then, make sure that Windows has properly removed any remaining driver resources:
1. open run window and type "printui /u"
2. from the "Drivers" tab, remove any TSC items that remain.
3. If you are denied access to delete, you may need to reboot and try again

Once all of those resources have been removed, you should be able to install the latest NiceDriver for your printer:
...and at that point you should be able to print a Windows Test Page. Once you're able to print the Windows Test Page, you'll be able to print from other Windows applications (like NiceLabel).

Note: NiceLabel 3.6 is quite old and support is no longer offered for that product. NiceLabel 2017 is the current software platform and is available for you to download and evalulate here:

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