Zebra ZM400 - 200dpi ZPL drivers

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Zebra ZM400 - 200dpi ZPL drivers

Post by Schmety » Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:27 pm

Hi there !

We're using at work Zebra ZM400 printer and we're printing coupons with it.
We have Windows XP 32-bit machine (using printer settings) just for this purpose.
Driver version is and works just fine.

Now we have also 2 new machines and we want to use those 2 in the future for use with Zebra ZM400 printer , but there's a problem now.
System is Windows 7 64-bit and i have installed latest Zdesigner drivers, which supports from XP to win 8 32&64bit.
I have use the same settings like in XP machine , but printer doesn't print coupuns the same way.
Printing text start point is different , than at XP machine and also with latest drivers at XP machine also works the same.
Just driver works fine.

At Windows 7 64-bit machine i have also used printer settings and not driver settings, like at XP machine, so the setting are same.

I'll upload example, proper - xp and latest driver using on both machines Xp or Win7 32&64-bit

I have tried all kind of settings with latest Zdesigner driver, changed positions, also in our special program written for printing coupons, no matter what i do, starting text point is in the middle of coupon.
With older driver works fine.

Maybe any suggestions or tip ?


I beliave that driver isn't 64-bit compatible ?
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Re: Zebra ZM400 - 200dpi ZPL drivers

Post by Matt » Mon Sep 08, 2014 6:29 pm

We encourage you to use the latest NiceDriver for your Zebra printer model

It is a bit difficult to determine the source of your issue just yet - perhaps you could elaborate on the print process your program is using: does it use any of the NiceLabel products to achieve the print out? (NiceLabel Pro, NiceLabel SDK?).

With the NiceDriver installed, are you able to print a Windows test page (right-click on printer-> "Printer Properties" -> "Print Test Page" button) with the windows informational text starting from the upper left?

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