DATAMAX printer driver Landscape

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DATAMAX printer driver Landscape

Post by swhaworth » Mon Dec 22, 2014 2:25 am

I am using the DMX A-4212 driver (latest website version) to print to a labeller and we are having issues printing at 50mm wide landscape. With the labeller correctly configured for 50mm and the label centred in the print head we are not getting any print on the label. If we move the label to the bottom of the head we can see that it is printing there instead. If we print at 50mm portrait, there is no issue, the print is at the correct position.

I can work around it by specifying a 100mm label width and putting all of the contents in the top 50mm. This works but shows a lot of blank area in the print preview so we would prefer not to use this for the customer.

Also printing with NiceLabel 5 using driver version produces the correct positioning in 50mm landscape.

Steven Haworth
Visy Technology Systems

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Re: DATAMAX printer driver Landscape

Post by Matt » Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:18 pm


We encourage you to provide your label design to the NiceLabel Support Team:
so technicians may better investigate the behavior you're experiencing.

Additionally, please capture the print stream that is sent to the printer when this behavior occurs (you could use the "Print to file" option from the "Printer" tab in NiceLabel when you go to print).

With that information, technicians can better determine where the issues stems from and how best to resolve.

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