action "open program/document" / python3 scripts

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action "open program/document" / python3 scripts

Post by nluser » Wed Nov 16, 2022 4:29 pm


Can i use the action "open program/document" to execute an .exe file there. i have convert python scripts via pyinstaller to .exe files. Can i use this mentioned action to execute them? Are there any conditions?

On top of that can is there any other possibility to run python3 scripts with an action of the NiceLabel Automation?

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Re: action "open program/document" / python3 scripts

Post by Mytch » Wed Dec 07, 2022 4:37 pm


Yes, you can open a .exe file using the Open Document/Program Action.

Actually, you can open any file this way, including .py file for any Python version (assuming you have the dependencies). NiceLabel itself using IronPython library based on Python2.7. You can't directly import .py from Python3 but again, you have options to just execute a .py directly if you don't intend to pass functions back to NiceLabel as a result.


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