print form - to change label before loading

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print form - to change label before loading

Post by Cléorodrigues » Thu Nov 17, 2022 7:19 pm

Hello, I have to choose which label the print form should open, for example I have the same solution label1 and label2 there I have a blank form where I choose which client to use, but then when opening the client two the printing form opens with label1 but I need you to open label2 when you are customer 2.

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Re: print form - to change label before loading

Post by Mytch » Wed Dec 07, 2022 4:43 pm


There are several ways to approach this, most commonly using either scripting logic or conditional execution of actions or conditional visibility of objects. Scripting is easier if you can build the simple syntax using VBScript or Python: ... script-1-5 ... script-1-8

Conditional Actions: ... ne-Actions ... -label-1-7

Conditional Visibility: ... eneral-1-7


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