the 'redirect printing to pdf' function

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the 'redirect printing to pdf' function

Post by aocaoc » Thu Dec 08, 2022 10:59 am

Dear all

Thank you for your reading!

i would like to print some Chinese words to PDF. i just set the Chinese words to Arial. It print successful on the paper label. but if i changed to PDF. use "the redirect printing to PDF" function to print all label to PDF. the Chinese words change to "口口口" on the PDF file. English character do not have problem.

i replace the "redirect printing to file" with "redirect printing to PDF" on print Button.

am i using "the redirect printing to PDF" function correct? :?:

Thanks all

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Re: the 'redirect printing to pdf' function

Post by Mytch » Fri Dec 09, 2022 12:05 am


Well, Arial font should not be used for Chinese text, because the font does not support the unicode characters. In short, NiceLabel Designer is drawing the glyphs as closely as they would look stylized by the selected font. But when the PDF file is generated, the font reference (or optionally the embedded font itself) is saved in the PDF. The PDF Viewer must try to display the unicode characters using the actual defined font, which is not possible with Arial.

I recommend using these fonts (in order if available, also depends if you need Heiti or Songti typeface):
- Arial Unicode MS
- Microsoft YaHei
- SimSun/SimHei
- Tahoma (many PDF Viewers have font fallback which will replace this font with an acceptable one)

There is some interesting history around Arial Unicode and why it may not be available on your system anymore: ... unicode-ms ... /?p=100085



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