Moving NL 1.5 (Build 12924)

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Moving NL 1.5 (Build 12924)

Post by aaa9034 » Mon Jan 23, 2023 6:27 pm

Good afternoon all,

I'm sorry if you have already answered these questions on other threads but I'm new here and my searches were not fruitful...

We are experiencing the following issues/concerns:
* NL is installed on 2008 server which needs to be decommissioned ASAP...
* We have many shared printers (unable to network them any time soon)...
* We need to move to a 2016 but maintain the old NL to ensure our shared printers continue to work as expected...

We have installed NL on the new 2016 server, moved the configs from old NL server to new NL server and attempted to move the license.

i know this version is no longer supported but until we network our printers we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

how do we move the license from our old server and apply it to the new server?
if we have to inactivate the license first, but the move doesnt work can it be reactivated on the old server?
Are they any future releases that cover both shared and networked printers?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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