Important NiceLabel update - Install it before April 8, 2009

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Important NiceLabel update - Install it before April 8, 2009

Post by Saso » Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:16 am

NiceLabel software v5 will NOT run after April 8th, 2009

NiceLabel products include protection, which assures that their components are authentic.
As of version 5.1. NiceLabel includes a digital signature to all executable modules and is verifying the validity of the digital signature. Because the digital signature in NiceLabel executable files expires on April 8th, 2009, this check will fail after this date.

When starting the software, you will receive the following error message. NiceLabel will not run. The error message is "DLL file modified. Application closed!".


Affected are all NiceLabel versions from to distributed from November 20th, 2007 to January 17th, 2009. The problem applies to NiceLabel Standard and Enterprise Series (clients are affected), but not to the Developer Series.

There are two options to solve the problem:
  1. Upgrade your NiceLabel to the latest 5.2 build (at this time
    This is the recommended solution, which will eliminate the problem completely and permanently. It also provides you with the latest version of NiceLabel.
  2. Use the patch and fix the existing NiceLabel distribution
    If you cannot afford to stop label production to make the upgrade to latest build, you can quickly patch the already installed distribution. It does not require a complete update of software and is performed in mere seconds. The patch updates the software with a component, signed by a new digital signature. Using this patch, the software will run until April 6th, 2012. Until that time, a real upgrade needs to be performed.
    There is a small side-effect to using this patch on versions prior to 5.2 in the about box, the username and company are not shown correctly. This has no influence on product operation.
The patch and new software versions are available for download from:

In the many years that we have been providing the labeling industry with software and solutions, this is the first time that an issue such as this has slipped through the cracks of our rigorous testing process. We are doing everything in our power to make sure this doesnt happen again. NiceLabel prides itself equally on the quality and reliability of our products, and this incident has prompted a thorough self-examination of how we create and deliver products to our customers. We have initiated a comprehensive, in-depth review of our QA and release processes, and will quickly make the needed changes.

We want to apologize for the disruption and difficulty this issue may have caused to our customers and our partners. Your confidence in NiceLabel is extremely important to us, and we are committed to restoring that confidence fully and quickly.
Saso Fleiser
Senior Technical Product Specialist