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NiceLabel 5.2.2 build 2846

Post by Saso » Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:20 am

NiceLabel is excited to announce an upgrade of the NiceLabel Product range – NiceLabel Standard Series and Developer Series have been updated to Version 5.2.2. The new release focuses on the needs of some local markets and improves the usability of GS1 standard labeling.

New features and functionalities also include updates to language support and some specific national barcode standards. US Postal Service and Australian mail users will see newly added Intelligent Mail Barcodes and Australian mail barcode support.

Download the new version here.

See the description of the major improvements in the Standard Series release notes.

For a quick list of important changes, see the list below.

  • Variable height support for RTF object. Like Text Box object, RTF object can adjust its size accordingly to the amount of data.
  • Added definitions for Herma stocks
  • Updated GS1 DataBar support: Stacked Expanded symbologies and encoding GS1 data structure into DataBar codes
  • Support for GS1 DataMatrix
  • Support for HIBC 2.3
  • Support for postal codes: Intelligent Mail Bar Code and Australian mail bar code
  • New options to offset printing position in command files/macros
  • New object in NiceForm: Button Group
  • Word-wrapping on the buttons in the forms

NiceLabel Pro/Engine/Label Services
  • Wrong label preview was prepared for NiceForm if user aborted printing action
  • New NiceLabel and NiceDriver could not open some RFID labels created with the older NiceDriver
  • Fixed problem with rotated labels opened incorrectly after reloading
  • Fixed problem with the anchoring point of the rotated objects
  • Fixed import of labels created in Segsoft Dynamic
  • Fixed GS1-128 encoding of dates with offsets defined in a variable
  • Fixed shifting of EAN-8, EAN-13 and UPC-A descender bars when the ‘space correction’ is enabled
  • Fixed the quiet zones (white space) for the bar code ITF-14
  • Fixed problem enabling the zero height size for bar code ITF-14
  • Fixed problem printing Unicode characters in labels created with older version of NiceLabel that get data from Unicode text files
  • Optimized operations of Label Services, under some circumstances Label Services occupied 100% of processor time.

  • Fixed problem with slow start of the form in NiceFrom. Version 5.2.1 was twice as slow as version 5.2.0.
  • Fixed problem with keeping the value of previous field in the database, if the currently selected field is empty. The variable linked to the table field is now correctly emptied.
  • Fixed form refreshing problems when overlapping objects.
  • Fixed label preview still showing the old label preview, even if the new label cannot be found or its filename is not defined.
  • Fixed display of images on the buttons, if the original images are not found and you browsed for new images.
  • Fixed protection of actions in the form. The form was not saved as protected, if you opened and then saved the older version of .xff file.
  • Fixed problem displaying the bold and/or italic fonts in the font selection dialog box in German version of Windows.
  • Enhanced support for XML files containing namespaces.
  • Fixed activation problem when staring NiceWatch in service mode over RDC on Windows 2003. NiceWatch stayed in the DEMO mode.
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