NiceLabel 5.4.0 build 6913

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NiceLabel 5.4.0 build 6913

Post by Saso » Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:26 am

New NiceLabel products in all series (Standard, Enterprise and Developer) have been released.

The latest version is 5.4.0 build 6913.

If you already use NiceLabel 5.X, you can download the free upgrade. Note: Download is available for product from the Standard Series. For products from the Enterprise and Developer Series please contact your NiceLabel vendor/office.

What’s new? See the release notes.

For a quick list of new features, read on.

NiceLabel Pro
  • Color printing on QLS Vivo! Touch printer
  • Native communication with the Epson TM-C4300 printer
  • New 2D code Grid Matrix
  • Encoding of Unicode multilingual data in 2D codes
  • Support for double-byte schema definition for databases: You can use double-byte characters for field names
  • Support for all images on the buttons (including transparency in PNGs)
  • Auto-moving focus in the edit fields
  • Ability to copy the database configuration
NiceWatch and NiceWatch Enterprise
  • Improved stability in 24/7 printing environments
  • Fixed bug for self-triggering file trigger at 00:00 AM and 02:00 AM that occurred during the summer time on certain systems
NiceLabel Portal
  • Native label printing: optimized Web printing by using internal printer functionality such as printer fonts and printer bar codes. Finally, the speed of label printing on the Web matched the printing speed from the desktop NiceLabel applications.
  • Support for offline mode: You can print the label even without the internet connection. NiceLabel Portal Web solutions can run in offline mode from your desktop.
  • Support for out-of-browser functionality: You no longer need Internet Explorer to run NiceLabel Portal solutions. In fact, the solution does not need any browser.
  • Support for the bar codes: GS1 Databar, Aztec, MicroQR and MicroPDF
  • Features for text objects: rotation, vertical text alignment, inverse property
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