Multi Page Labels

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Multi Page Labels

Post by jmsever » Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:51 pm

I am trying to find a way to create a label that is more than one page. For example, my customer wants a standard ucc-128 carton label and a content label which identifies every item in the carton and they want both pages to be printed for every carton.

Please let me know if you have done this before.

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Multi Page Labels

Post by Saso » Fri Apr 30, 2010 8:39 am

One label template (.LBL file) is a label on its own. You cannot include more label design within the same .LBL file. Well, that is not quite accurate statement, because NiceLabel does support header/tail labels within the same .LBL (so 3 designs), but that is something else.

What you need is a method to print more .LBL files in each 'print process'. There is a solution for the task with NiceLabel Pro and NiceLabel Suite products. It's so-called JOB file, text file with NiceCommands that NiceLabel can interpret and execute.

You would solve the problem like this:
  • Create the .LBL files that you need (one for GS1-128 label, one for content label).
  • Define the JOB file, that might look like this:

    Code: Select all

    LABEL gs1-128.lbl
    PRINTER MyPrinter
    PRINT 1
    LABEL content.lbl
    PRINT 10
  • Once you have the JOB file ready, you can execute it. Either from NiceLabel Pro, see the option File -> Command Files -> Print, or using NiceForm (you can define a button that will execute the action Run Command File).
  • Both labels will print out.
  • Some sample .JOB files are included with NiceLabel software. See the folders:
    • c:\Program Files\EuroPlus\NiceLabel 5\Samples\CommandFiles
    • c:\Program Files\EuroPlus\NiceLabel 5\Samples\Labels
If you are not familiar with NiceForm, I would suggest you get a demo version of NiceLabel Suite (NiceForm is included in the NiceLabel Suite product) and see it in action.

The request can also be solved by using NiceForm alone without the JOB files, because you can define what a click on the button will do. NiceForm includes actions like Open Label, or Set Printer, or Print Label that you can combine to print more than just one label per button click. NiceForm is the application that generates the printing screens for the printing operator.

I deliberate didn't describe it as a development tool, because you do not have to be a programmer to create such application in NiceForm. See NiceForm samples in the folder "c:\Program Files\EuroPlus\NiceLabel 5\Samples\Forms".
NOTE: You must have NiceLabel Suite installed, or you will not have NiceForm available. Get NiceLabel Suite demo.
Saso Fleiser
Senior Technical Product Specialist

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