NiceLabel 2017.1 brings next level of print productivity

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NiceLabel 2017.1 brings next level of print productivity

Post by Saso » Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:56 pm

6. December 2016

NiceLabel has released an updated version of its groundbreaking software platform "NiceLabel 2017" launched in July 2016. The new version reinforces the strengths of the next generation platform based on the principle Do more. Faster. With less. Version 2017.1 brings important new capabilities, allowing businesses to get to the next level of print productivity faster.

NiceLabel 2017.1 allows users to easily design and print labels, control label printing as well as to manage their entire label and marking processes, providing them with unmatched print productivity.

The designer applications received numerous usability improvements and several new label design features, including new barcodes, curved text and more. Designers can now create a shortcut for printing with a single click. This enables them to adopt the best practice of preventing print operators from accessing the design interface. NiceLabel 2017.1 also includes an updated integrated PDF engine that allows users to simply generate a PDF with exact dimensions from any label template.

Creating custom solutions that streamline printing is easier than ever with a smooth transition from a simple label to a configured printing solution. Advanced users of PowerForms Suite will appreciate numerous improvements like enhanced workflow editor, new script editor and form debugger that further reduce the time required to create a customer-tailored printing solution.

In the NiceLabel LMS, the document management system is now fully integrated with the design application to streamline the label creation workflow. Centralized audit trails were enriched with highly improved printing and new comprehensive system history to enhance quality and security while automating the quality assurance processes.

"Print productivity principles are embedded in the entire NiceLabel product line, which allows users higher levels of efficiently and accuracy than any other labeling and marking software," said Miso Duplancic, Head of Product Management at NiceLabel.

Learn more about NiceLabel 2017 and download the free trial.
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