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Post by Saso » Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:17 am

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Enter the World of Online Labeling with NiceLabel Portal!

Introducing NiceLabel Portal

October 2010 marked release of NiceLabel Portal, the new Enterprise product that answers the increasingly global needs of labeling of your enterprise.

NiceLabel Portal redefines the enterprise labeling process and moves it to a web application, giving you centralized control over all internal and vendor printing - even at remote locations.

The Web- based approach, allows you to:
  • Establish supplier labeling
  • Centralize company - wide labeling
  • Move your labeling to a Web application
Reduce your labeling costs by unifying systems

NiceLabel Portal answers the needs of enterprises, unifying the labeling of their vendors, as well as their internal labeling.

This centralized solution gives you the power to define your own label standard and ensure that all printed labels comply with a consistent and dependable format. All Web form designs are managed centrally and any system-wide label changes are made in just moments.

Take control of incoming labeling operations in your company

As a true Web-based application, NiceLabel Portal supports label printing anywhere, any time.

You could always control the labels you send out, and now for the first time, you have complete control over the labels you receive.

Empower your enterprise labeling process with:
  • Total client printer independence
  • Broad customization of client labels and Web forms
  • Unified enterprise labeling system
  • Easily achievable vendor compliance
Enter the world of online labeling -->
Saso Fleiser
Senior Technical Product Specialist