Citrix and NiceLabel

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Citrix and NiceLabel

Post by kevino » Wed May 10, 2017 9:48 am

Hello, I want to know which version of nicelabel does support centralized printing via a citrix server?

Currently I am using NiceLabel PowerForms. Is it possible to use the NiceLabel PowerForms Suite for this case or does it already have to be NiceLabel LMS PRO / LMS Enterprise?

The "Clients" should only have a print-only application where the data is coming from a database which is on a Server.

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Re: Citrix and NiceLabel

Post by Saso » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:49 am

To use NiceLabel in a multi-user environment, such as Citrix server, you also need a multi-user NiceLabel product.

NiceLabel PowerForms Suite is the entry-level multi-user product and will work in Citrix environment. With it, you really just get a bare label/form designer with no user management and logging possibilities. Also, the entire specter of lifecycle support functionalities from NiceLabel LMS products is not available, such as document management system with approval workflows and revision control system.

If you operate in life sciences or other regulated environments, take a look on your labeling processes from a broader view. To better understand how NiceLabel LMS Enterprise can modernize your labeling, you can schedule a call with NiceLabel representative. Have us contact you.

The licensing mechanism in multi-user NiceLabel products does not use the number of users that are running NiceLabel software. You can have unlimited number of concurrent users running NiceLabel software. On the other hand, the licensing will count the number of printers that are used from NiceLabel overall in your environment. Each multi-user license is available with specific number of printers you can use, such as 5 printers, 10 printers, 20 printers, etc.

For licensing details, please read NiceLabel 2017 Licensing.
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