Sequential numbering order per column not per page

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Sequential numbering order per column not per page

Post by cplabels » Thu May 10, 2018 11:24 pm

We are a label printing company and have recently purchased a digital press (Mark Andy Digital One)
we are looking to move our sequential number / barcode printing over from our Zebra thermal printers, but we are having difficulty finding a way to print them due to the way the press prints.
To print you are required to send a page / pages to the press so to print the sequential numbers / barcodes we need to be able to lay them out as below

00 20 40
01 21 41
02 22 42
03 23 43
---------------- new page
04 24 44
05 25 45
06 26 46
07 27 47
----------------new page
08 28 48
09 29 49
10 30 50
11 31 51
----------------new page
12 32 52
13 33 53
14 34 54
15 35 55
----------------new page
16 36 56
17 37 57
18 38 58
19 39 59
----------------new page

If this were small qty's then we would be able to set these up by hand but these runs are normally several 1000 labels lol

is this possible in nicelabel?
In the end we would need to save each page as a separate PDF and then combine them into one multipage document for printing
i have seen the processing order option but this only seems work on a per page basis
Thanks for you help.

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Re: Sequential numbering order per column not per page

Post by dado » Tue May 15, 2018 7:50 am

As I see the most difficult part here would to get the values from the database in such order that you'll be able to print them like the example you provided. This can be done with a custom SQL statement that you need to write. You would need to get the values in this order... 1,2,3,4,20,21,23,24,40,41,42,43,4,5,6,7,24,25...

After that you would need to create a printing form which will then ask you what page you want to print. And by entering the page your SQL statement will then just select the correct values and place them on the label.

Anyway this is something you can accomplish with NiceLabel.

Regards, Damjan

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