NPSService.GetVariables(FileLocation) : Exception

Label printing integration (NiceWatch middleware and ActiveX programming interface)

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NPSService.GetVariables(FileLocation) : Exception

Post by malehakim » Thu Jul 26, 2018 12:32 am

Hi, am getting a WebException when i call NPSService.GetVariables(FileLocation). I've checked in my browser and ensured that NicePrintServer is running by browsing to this address. http://localhost/NicePrintServer/PrintS ... rvice.asmx.

The Exception basically says that the "The request failed with the error message: Object moved". I tried to set NicePrintService. AllowAutoRedirect = true but still it returns an exception.

Down on the file system, i ensured that NiceLabel folder contains the label files that are being sought after. What am i missing coz i really need to get past this exception. I've been stuck for 2 days now.

The details of my exception have been attached on this post and a code snippet on how am trying to implement the code.
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Re: NPSService.GetVariables(FileLocation) : Exception

Post by milos » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:07 am


NiceLabel WebSDK technical support discontinued with December 31 , 2016.
WebSDK product was replaced by PowerForms Web and Automation in April 2013.

NiceLabel LMS 2017 is current version that covers all needs for web print:
- PowerForms Web module manage manual web print
- Automation modul integrate printing with business systems
- SDK modul integrate label printing with your .NET applications

More NiceLabel LMS details on

I would strongly recommend migration to NiceLabel LMS product.
Milos Jenko
NiceLabel Technical Support

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