Powerforms Solution - Serial port creates an event

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Powerforms Solution - Serial port creates an event

Post by sdwarwick » Thu Aug 02, 2018 3:15 pm

Currently, a form can have a serial port configured to fill a variable with the input from the port. This can be combined with "run actions on variable change" event to enable actions to be performed when you receive a serial port input

This causes a problem in many business situations where you are scanning the same data multiple times and wanting to trigger an event on each one - only the first input causes a trigger event.

The workaround is to reset the variable to null after you handle the event. Resetting the variable to null actually triggers the event, so you need to check at the beginning of each action in the list to see if the variable is null and skip processing. As you might expect, this is not exactly good programming style and has many opportunities for bug generation!

The preferred strategy would be for serial ports to be configured to trigger an event for each input, along with filling a variable with the received value.

This is the behavior is already supported by the Automation product

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