NiceLabel label from variable uses relative path

Label printing integration (NiceWatch middleware and ActiveX programming interface)

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NiceLabel label from variable uses relative path

Post by SvenToorop » Wed May 13, 2020 1:54 pm


I'm currently in the process of trying to set up a proof of concept with NiceLabel Automation, we are using NiceLabel powerforms suite for this.
The idea was to set up a small tcp/ip trigger solution to prove that we could use this to trigger label prints from our internal php application.

I have a filter that receives a Barcode, a Label and a Printer. It then sets it in the corresponding variables and uses this data to print a label. as far as I can tell all the data is being received by the filter and properly set, however when it's trying to open the label. It seems unable to use an absolute path for the label, while this is something that we would like to use. Is there any way that we can set it to find a label file via absolute path?

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Re: NiceLabel label from variable uses relative path

Post by Mytch » Wed May 13, 2020 9:44 pm


You should be able to use absolute paths no problem. This can be full UNC path like \\server\folder\label.nlbl or C:\folder\label.nlbl. You can also test this by using the built-in file browsing function of the Open Label action instead of using a variable for the path. You should be able to browse to the label file, successfully preview the Trigger in Automation Builder, and successfully process a job when deployed to Automation Manager.

If you have any issue of "file not found", please consider what user is accessing the file. NiceLabel Automation Triggers will run as the "Log on as" account defined in the Windows Service named NiceLabel Automation Service 2019. Within the service's Properties > Log on as, you should set a user account with permissions to this label file. The default "Local System" account may not have the required permissions.


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