Printing multiple label templates at once

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Printing multiple label templates at once

Post by AntoineB » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:59 pm

Hello everyone,
I've got a solution file containing multiple label templates and a database.

For each products in the database, a specific template must be used. This is information is registered in the database.

Ex: Product 1 template A
Product 2 Template C
Product 3 Template B.... etc

If I want to print each label one by one, it works perfectly.
If I want to print every product label on the right template, I need to work one template at a time (select the label, select the products in the database and print).

I need to print every product on the proper template in the same order as in the database (in a pdf file).
Is there a way to do this at once to generate only one pdf in the right order ?

Thanks a lot

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